Triology Venus - Zwiesprache - Hades

Limited number prints - Triology by Marie Halter

Portraying an array of human state of beings, feelings and emotions

Specifics about this triology

Names of prints Venus, Zwiesprache & Hades
Technique Textile, application / stitching / Swiss embroidery in black and white
Size 50 x 70 cm
Shipping Original: SOLD
Limited number art print: World wide included (will be sent out in a roll to avoid damage)
Commercial Art print: According to manufacturer's guidelines

Purchase options

Originals SOLD
Limited Number Prints Purchase limited number silk screen triology:
Venus, Ziesprache & Hades by Marie Halter for AU$725
Commercial Art Print At the moment there is only one print setup to be commercially reproduced. Please contact us if you would like to see the other 2 prints available too:
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